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How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Passive Job Seekers

With recent talent shortages, many organizations are recognizing the importance of passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who are currently employed, and therefore, not actively looking for a new job. So, how do you find them?

One of the best ways is to partner with a staffing firm or professional placement service. Think of recruiters as talent scouts. They can help you locate top talent and then convince those individuals to join your team.

When it comes to passive candidates, employment agencies offer the following advantages.

Recruiters Have Access to a Larger Talent Network

Since passive candidates aren’t looking for work, you can’t use job boards to find them. Your company could ask for referrals from current employees or revisit the resumes of past applicants, but even so, you may discover you have limited resources. Staffing services, however, recruit and hire every day. They have large databases of both passive and active candidates. Plus, top recruiters keep in touch with the people they place and develop long-term relationships with them. They know who is best qualified for a position and who might be willing to consider a new opportunity. Recruiters can identify and reach out to potential candidates your organization probably couldn’t have found on its own.

Agencies Know How to Take Advantage of Nontraditional Advertising

Some businesses use popular social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to promote openings and capture the attention of passive job seekers. This can be a successful tactic. After all, passive candidates aren’t searching the job boards, but they could be browsing Facebook after a rotten day at work. Do you know the best ways to discover passive talent online? Staffing services do. As part of their expertise, they can take social recruiting to the next level. Employment specialists understand which channels attract which types of workers, and they are familiar with industry-specific social media groups and niche sites. This leads to more cost-effective online advertising, as well as a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Recruiters Can Sell Your Brand (and the Job)

People are excited to join certain companies. Google, Southwest Airlines and Apple are classic examples. Your business may not create that type of international buzz, but a recruiter still can build excitement. They can tell passive candidates what makes your organization special and why this job would be a wonderful fit for them. And, since staffing agencies have existing relationships with candidates, they understand what motivates each one. They can use these insights to make well-informed matches. Plus, they can assist your company in creating the most attractive compensation packages to close the deal.

Are You Having Trouble Finding Qualified Candidates?

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