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Our founder Rudy Salem said it best,

We treat people like they are the most important people in the world.

At Aventure Staffing, you are never just another number. We are committed to our clients and take pride in our service we provide to the people, businesses and communities we serve. We understand there is more to finding a great employee than just connecting a candidate with an employer. We put just as much effort into finding the best candidate that fits your culture as we do in matching their skills with the appropriate positions. Our success is not measured by numbers. It’s measured in solutions, connections and careers. With locations throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota, Aventure is dedicated to delivering the best staffing throughout the Midwest.

Your Hiring Solutions

With temporary staffing, you can hire employees to work for a certain period of time to cover projects or peak times. This option is most suitable for seasonal businesses and employees who like variation in their work schedule.

The temp-to-hire option is the best option for businesses looking to hire the right long-term employee. Employees work at a business for about 3 months, and if they are the right fit, the business may hire them on at no additional cost. 

Salaried, Management or C-Level employees are hired directly by a business for a single placement fee. The business is heavily involved in the interview process and Aventure to ensure your new hire is a great fit.

This is a popular hiring option for businesses who get a regular flow of applicants but send them to Aventure to try out first – risk free. These employees can be converted at anytime with no charge.

It's about a lot more than warm bodies.

You know that people are your biggest asset, but filling a position is about a lot more than just warm bodies. You need employees who are reliable, hard working and bring the right skills and experience to the table. We take the time to get to know each candidate before sending them to you, all while understanding your needs, goals and company culture.

Employment Solutions for Every Business

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