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Our founder Rudy Salem said it best,

We treat people like they are the most important people in the world.

At Aventure Staffing, you are never just another number. We are committed to our employees. We take pride in our service we provide to the people, businesses and communities we serve. We understand that there’s more to finding a job than just connecting a candidate with an employer. We put just as much effort into finding the best cultural fit as we do in matching your skills with appropriate positions. Our success is not measured by numbers. It’s measured in solutions, connections and careers. With locations and employers throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota, Aventure is dedicated to delivering the best staffing throughout the Midwest.  

With Aventure Staffing you can…

  • Add variety to your career with a temporary job
  • Show an employer what you can do in a temp-to-hire opportunity
  • Get access to jobs that are never advertised
  • Take advantage of our industrial, clerical and healthcare expertise.

Best of all, our services are completely FREE to you! Aventure is the path to your next great job.


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Top 5 Reasons to Apply with Aventure:


You can confidentially seek your next opportunity without disclosing your search to your current employer, taking time off of work for interviews or spending endless time looking at job postings.


We help you refine your resume, prepare for interviews, and advocate for best offers.


Aventure represents more than one employer, so with one application, you have access to all job opportunities. Many of Aventure’s jobs are exclusive and are never advertised.


We provide a transparent view of the position and the company. We talk about the highs and the lows so you can make strategic career decisions.


We give you feedback so that you have closure on the “why” behind why you were not selected for the role. We use that information to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

That’s our favorite question. Our services are completely free to job seekers! Contrary to the common staffing misconception, we don’t take money from your paycheck and you don’t earn less money through us than you would working directly for an employer.
No. Our ultimate goal is that you find a long term fit and are hired on by the company so it is important that you have your own method of reliable transportation.
Yes! One of the biggest benefits to using a staffing firm like us is to confidently search for a new career without tipping off your current employer.
Submit your application and we’ll get in touch for your interview where we will discuss your resume and skill set and potential career matches. Once you say “yes” to a job, we’ll move forward with additional paperwork, orientation and more before dispatching you to your new job!
Temp positions allow you to work a job for a short duration of time, whether you’re in between jobs or are just looking to make some money without any long term commitments. Temp-to-Hire is a great way to “try” out an employer to ensure it’s a good fit before fully committing it’s the right job for you. With a Direct Hire job, we help employers find just the right person for the job. We pitch you to the company and they will hire you directly on to their company, no trial periods.
90 days is the typical amount of time for temp-to-hire positions though the length of time can vary depending upon the client and their needs.
Sometimes, the job simply doesn’t work out, and that’s okay! If a job isn’t quite the right fit for you or the employer, we will revisit opportunities and find a better one! No need to worry about a gap in pay or your work history, we have endless opportunities to keep your paychecks coming in!
No. All nurses on our team must have an active CNA/MA/LPN/RN certification on the states registries or we cannot hire.
Pay day is every Friday! You may choose to receive your earnings through direct deposit, a paycard or by check.
We have opportunities across the Midwest through our 10 branches and divisions strategically located throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. Our Direct Hire Division collaborates with employers nationwide for professional job opportunities!
We offer various benefits depending on the position, which may include health coverage, retirement plans, and more. Specific benefits will vary by job.
Your satisfaction is important to us! If the job isn’t a good fit, contact us, and we’ll work to find a better-suited opportunity.
If your position ends, we’ll continue to support you by seeking new opportunities that match your skills and preferences.
Our services offer access to a wide range of job opportunities, connections with employers, personalized job matching, and industry expertise, saving you time and increasing your chances of finding the right job.

One application. Endless Opportunities.