Are You Ready to Interview Your Interviewer?

In the excitement of landing an interview, you may begin rehearsing answers to commonly asked questions. However, don’t forgot a question you need to ask, “Is this job a good fit for me?” Although many people view interviews as one-sided with a manager or committee asking most of the questions, the idea of an interview […]

How to Immediately Set Up New Hires For Success

Hiring is expensive and time-consuming. And, after all the effort you put into finding the best people, you don’t want your new employees to question whether they are in the right place. Effective onboarding and retention programs go a long way toward establishing a more dedicated and engaged workforce. Use these five tips to start […]

Why You Should Use a Staffing Firm in Your Job Search

We’ve all heard stories of someone who landed a fantastic position on a whim. But, for the rest of us, job searches can be challenging, time consuming, and even discouraging. Maybe in a true do-it-yourself spirit you have vowed to find employment on your own. That works for some. But if you are looking for […]

How Managers Can Build a Positive Relationship With Their Employees

When managers and employees have a good working relationship, the entire organization benefits. However, developing and maintaining positive connections requires both time and dedication. Here are six guiding principles used by effective leaders. Join the Team Although there is a balance between interacting with employees and maintaining authority, managers who work alongside their workers are […]

How to Write a Thorough Accident Report

No one wants accidents to happen in the workplace, but sometimes they do. To keep their employees as safe as possible, corporations must evaluate current incidents to prevent future tragedies. Thoroughly documenting and understanding an accident or a near-miss is the first step toward improving safety processes. Use these five guidelines to write a more […]

Four Tips for Hiring the Right Receptionist

A receptionist is the face of your organization. Often, they are the first point of contact for an outsider, and this encounter can have a lasting effect. Finding the right person is incredibly important. Hiring for any job can be a challenge. So, how can your company achieve the best results? Use these four steps […]