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Why You Should Use a Staffing Firm in Your Job Search

We’ve all heard stories of someone who landed a fantastic position on a whim. But, for the rest of us, job searches can be challenging, time consuming, and even discouraging.

Maybe in a true do-it-yourself spirit you have vowed to find employment on your own. That works for some. But if you are looking for an extra edge or added support, consider using a staffing firm.

Here are four reasons working with an employment agency can be a good choice for your job search.

Get Expert Advice

Have you sent out lots of resumes and received little response? Are you interviewing, but not receiving job offers? These experiences can be frustrating, and they are not unusual. After all, most of us are not hiring experts. However, recruiters are. The professionals at an employment agency can help you improve your application materials and interviewing techniques. And, the best part, whether you find a job or not, these services are free. Staffing agencies are paid by the companies for whom they make placements, rather than individual job seekers.

Keep Earning While Searching

You have probably heard people say, “My full-time job is looking for a job.” This is true. Looking for employment takes time and effort. Let a professional recruiter do the heavy lifting for you. They will contact companies and search for great fits. Meanwhile, you may be able to take advantage of temporary positions (also provided by the staffing firm) to continue receiving a paycheck and to avoid resume gaps.

Expand Your Opportunities

If you are entering the job market or in the process of switching careers, you may not know exactly what type of position you would prefer. Working with an employment agency can provide the chance to experiment with different jobs, companies and industries. You can “try before you buy,” rather than committing to something that turns out to be the wrong choice. And, every position you take has career-building potential. You will learn new skills, gain new insights, meet new people and expand your network. According to the American Staffing Association, nine out of ten people said working with a staffing firm made them more employable.

Don’t Job Hunt Alone

Richard N. Bolles, author of the famous job seeker manual What Color is Your Parachute?, offered the following sage advice, “No one should ever have to job-hunt all by themselves, if they can possibly avoid it. We all need encouragement and support along the way.” Looking for employment can make you feel isolated, so don’t forget to tap into the resources available to you. Friends, family, acquaintances, college career centers and recruiters may be the link between you and your new great job.

Are You Ready to Give a Staffing Firm a Try?

Save yourself from endless searching. Aventure Staffing is the Midwest leader in job placement. Our job seeker advocates will assess your skills, ask the right questions and create a custom-tailored list of opportunities based on your needs. Fill out an online application today to get started!

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