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We get it. You weren’t cut out for sitting in an office chair. You like to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. You are a blue-collar worker: the backbone and driving force of America for hundreds of years. At Aventure Staffing we get YOU. Whether you have a specialized technical degree, years of experience, or are looking for an entry-level job, we have a position for you! We are dedicated to finding you just the right career with one of our many industrial, manufacturing and labor job opportunities with the best employers across Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota.

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Why Aventure?

Our company’s foundation is rooted in the noble mission of connecting people with meaningful employment, fostering growth and prosperity for individuals and businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

That’s our favorite question. Our services are completely free to job seekers! Contrary to the common staffing misconception, we don’t take money from your paycheck and you don’t earn less money through us than you would working directly for an employer.

What is the difference between temp, temp to hire, and Direct Hire?

Temp positions allow you to work a job for a short duration of time, whether you’re in between jobs or are just looking to make some money without any long term commitments. Temp-to-Hire is a great way to “try” out an employer to ensure it’s a good fit before fully committing it’s the right job for you. With a Direct Hire job, we help employers find just the right person for the job. We pitch you to the company and they will hire you directly on to their company, no trial periods.

Where are the jobs located/What cities do you serve?

We have opportunities across the Midwest through our 10 branches and divisions strategically located throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. Our Direct Hire Division collaborates with employers nationwide for professional job opportunities!

How long before I am hired on by the company?

90 days is the typical amount of time for temp-to-hire positions though the length of time can vary depending upon the client and their needs.

Do you offer transportation?

No. Our ultimate goal is that you find a long term fit and are hired on by the company so it is important that you have your own method of reliable transportation.

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