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Four Important Questions to Ask on Your First Day of Work

The first day of work can be daunting for anyone, but as a new employee, you need to feel comfortable asking questions. New employees must become acclimated to a new set of rules, environment and co-workers, and asking questions can prevent any potential confusion. Most of the time, your co-workers and supervisors will expect you to have questions about your job and workplace, so don’t worry about annoying anyone. On your first day of work, always remember to ask the following questions at some point.

“How should I update you on my progress?”

Different managers prefer different communication methods, and it is always helpful to be clear about these methods before starting. By asking “How would you like to me to give you progress reports and updates?” you can simplify the communication process. Some bosses will prefer emails and others will prefer face-to-face updates.

“What type of decisions am I allowed to make?”

Many employees do not know how much power they have, and you don’t want to make a decision someone else is responsible for. This is especially true if you have been hired as a manager or supervisor.

“What will I be expected to accomplish?”

Most employers have high expectations of their new employees, and it is important for you to understand these expectations before delving into your new job. What should I finish this week? What goals should I meet this week or month? These are questions every employee should ask.

“What are some of the challenges this team faces?”

Every team has its professional challenges, and there is nothing worse than being blindsided by problems that have plagued a workplace for years. By learning about these challenges, you can prepare yourself for them, and possibly even come up with a solution. Always remember to ask questions about challenges and difficulties before starting your job.

Find a Job You Can Be Proud Of

Your first day at work can be scary, but Aventure Staffing can find you a position you will feel comfortable in. We work diligently to find hardworking and experienced workers jobs that will provide them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Get in touch with a staffing professional at our company today.

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