The Real Truth About the Millennial Workforce

Millennials in the Workforce

If you own or run a business in 2015, chances are your workforce has a fair number of employees from the Millennial generation, those anywhere between 18 and 35 years old this year. No doubt you’ve seen the differences in the working style and company culture that this generation is bringing into workplaces across the… Read More »

Modern Recruiting: 5 Laws of Attraction

In today’s world, we face recruitment challenges unlike anything we’ve ever known. From the generational cocktail swirling around the water cooler to open positions and a disinterested workforce, companies struggle not only with keeping their current employees happy, but also with recruiting the right talent and getting them started on the right foot. Attracting this… Read More »

5 Surprising Habits that Boost Employee Engagement

Whitepapers abound touting the importance of employee engagement. When an employee feels like they are an active part of a larger picture, turnover decreases, productivity surges, quality intensifies, and the company prevails. The question becomes not “Why should I engage my employees?” but rather “How in the world do I do it?” These five tips… Read More »

Desk For Success

Feel a little more “at home” while at work by sharing the good vibes. Arranging your desk to promote the flow of positive energy is important… and let’s be honest, it’s really fun! Don’t go overboard but you’ll feel instant relief after knowing exactly where to place things. Pick two or three of the sections… Read More »

Top Five New Year’s Resolutions: Professional Edition

We all know that January 1st signifies the turning over of a new calendar page and a new leaf in our personal lives. It also serves as an excellent time to review our work objectives and our professional goals. Learn something new. Is there a tool or a skill that would accelerate your advancement or… Read More »

Three Easy Ways to Find Joy in Your Job

At some time or another, we all wish we could say, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” when talking about our jobs. While it can be difficult for some people to find deep satisfaction in filing paperwork, or assembling a laptop, or scanning paperwork for errors, there is room for joy in… Read More »