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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions: Professional Edition

We all know that January 1st signifies the turning over of a new calendar page and a new leaf in our personal lives. It also serves as an excellent time to review our work objectives and our professional goals.

  1. Learn something new. Is there a tool or a skill that would accelerate your advancement or give you a new passion in your job? Could learning a new sport, like golf or racquetball, give you an opportunity to meet impactful people?
  2. Give back. It could be donating money or skills to a nonprofit that matters to you or taking the time to mentor an intern. Helping others is not only good for humanity; it has the added bonus of being a great way to network, build a CV, and strengthen a business from the inside out.
  3. Make a standing appointment for yourself. A consistent daily appointment with yourself allows you to meet and assess your overall goals. Use the time to work out, decompress, call a relative, or assess where you are with your resolutions.
  4. Join a task force. Get outside your comfort zone and offer to work on a committee that is outside your scope. You’ll learn more about your company, meet new faces, demonstrate your commitment to a larger goal, and you just may learn a thing or two about yourself.
  5. Update your resume. As you continue to grow your skills, networking circles, and interests, your resume should grow and change right along with you. Review this important document every quarter to make sure it accurately reflects what you offer both your current employer and any potential new ones.

You may also find that several of your personal goals may align with your professional ones; for instance, if getting into shape is on your list of personal resolutions, then perhaps picking up a new sport like racquetball would pay additional dividends. Take a moment to step back and imagine what you would like your ideal 2014 to look like, and make your goals and strides from there.

What’s on the top of your 2014 resolutions list?

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