Want To Make Employees Happy? Help Them Volunteer.

Want To Make Employees Happy? Help Them Volunteer.

Aventure Chief Operating Officer, Stacia Lenz, recently published an article in Siouxland Woman that addresses the growing desire for local companies and employees to give back to their community. “Employees many times struggle with a balance between their day-to-day job functions and the ability to integrate themselves in the very communities they live and work in,” says Lenz in her article, Corporate Volunteerism and Community Involvement . “That’s why adopting a corporate volunteer policy can be good for the soul!”

While most businesses can see the value in community involvement and volunteering, several are on the fence about paying the employees while doing it. “There are arguments for and against paying employees for such acts, however, employees are more likely to volunteer if they don’t see a financial hardship in trade for helping out,” continues Lenz.

Lenz also points out other questions that businesses should address when implementing a volunteerism and community involvement policy.

  • How often and for how long should employees be allowed to volunteer during the work day?
  • Will volunteer opportunities be directed to a particular or will employees get to choose where they volunteer their time?
  • Will these opportunities be part of an overall marketing and public relations effort?
  • Will volunteering be required?

On top of policy considerations, employers will also want to consider the larger picture that community involvement presents. This is especially true for company-sponsored and company-supported events when clear expectations for both the business and its employees are most important.

In her article, Lenz lists the following tips for making sure volunteer opportunities both maximize community networking opportunities as well as positive company branding.

  • Respect personality types. Not all employees are social by nature, so it’s good to provide several ways for people of all motivations to contribute.
  • Reallocate. Plan well in advance how to and who will cover projects and job responsibilities while volunteer efforts and events are happening and if employees will be offered flex time for their efforts.
  • Represent. Remind employees that they are first and foremost company representatives and must behave as such.
  • Relax. Take this opportunity to cut loose from the daily grind and connect with your cause!

Want more community involvement and volunteering tips? Read the full article here.

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