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Aventure Delivers Big Picture Results By Investing In Small Town Talent and Pride

Wayne, Nebraska is home to Wayne State College, several growing businesses, and 6,000 people. It’s also home to an Aventure Staffing branch that prides itself on discovering local talent and helping local businesses grow. They aren’t alone, of course, as many of our Aventure Staffing teams throughout the region can attest; living and working in a small town has many advantages—it just sometimes takes the skill of the right staffing firm to help you find them.

We uncover hidden potential.

Candidates often have jobs that don’t inspire them. Companies often search too narrowly for strong talent. Misalignments are everywhere. Fortunately, so is potential, especially in a small town.

“When it comes to showing our true value, Aventure Staffing is not unlike some of the candidates and companies we represent,” begins Angie Pravecek, Aventure Branch Manager in Wayne, Nebraska. “Most people hear ‘staffing agency’ and immediately think we only provide temp services, or that candidates pay us to help them find a job—neither of which is true.”

Once candidates and companies reach out, however, they find that Aventure offers a whole host of services, from direct-hire placements to interview coaching to payroll services for temporary employees.

It all comes down to asking the right questions and forming a deep understanding of what’s needed to find a match that truly works.

We improve communication.

The truth is, small communities have several things to offer that their larger metropolitan counterparts don’t. From friendly neighborhoods and family ties to a loyal support of local businesses, candidates from small towns like Wayne, Nebraska have more resources than they are aware of when it comes to finding a job they love.

Some of these tight-knit aspects can present unique challenges, particularly if candidates or companies wait too long to find a match that represents their interests. “We can’t deny that reputation, good or bad, is a big thing in small towns,” says Pravecek. “And if there’s a blemish on a work history or a management misstep, it can be hard to overcome for candidates and companies alike. But ‘hard’ isn’t impossible, and we do it here with employees and clients all the time. You can do a lot with a switch of perspective, a bit of courage, and the opportunities Aventure provides.”

We see and serve both sides.

The staff at Aventure is no stranger to conflict resolution. This usually comes in the form of career counseling for candidates and employment coaching for companies. “We strive to be a great partner on both sides of the equation,” says Pravecek. “Because we go to such lengths in getting to know the candidates and the companies on their own, we are uniquely equipped to facilitate dialog in a knowledgeable way.”

From internal interviews to work site evaluations, Aventure Staffing takes its job seriously. “I know I’m not alone when I say that finding a solution that benefits both candidate and client is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” adds Pravecek. “We are a true partner in employment.”

And we provide a little tough love.

It’s not uncommon for a candidate to walk through the door with little experience, but a great attitude—or vice versa. “We see candidates of all personalities, work histories, and skill levels,” says Pravecek. “Sometimes poor work performance is more of a result of a misalignment of strengths and passions than it is personality or attitude. And sometimes we need to provide additional motivation to help people get and stay on track.”

“But that’s another benefit of living and working in a small town,” she adds. “Businesses and residents have to invest in each other to make it work. And that’s why Aventure is so important—because we’re here to help make sure it does.”

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