5 Simple Things Employers Can Do To Retain Industrial Employees

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One of the greatest things about living and working in our area is the low unemployment rate. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest parts about running a business, especially if your business relies on the in-demand skilled labor force. Finding good, skilled employees is hard enough, but once you find them, how can you keep them?

The team at Aventure Staffing came up with five tips every company can do to attract top skilled labor and keep them happy, engaged, and on the payroll.

Get help.

Part of employee retention is finding the right employees, and part of finding the right employees is asking the right questions to the right pool of candidates at the right time. Using a staffing firm like Aventure Staffing aids in that process, as it allows companies to hire employees on a 90-day trial basis before committing to a permanent hire, allowing time for learning, adjustment, and expectation management. Finding the right fit is half the battle when it comes to employee retention, and that’s why Aventure Staffing places so much emphasis on the hiring and placement process.

Get honest.

While you’re looking for great employees, it’s a good time to honestly assess what you are looking for in candidates and the position itself. Providing a detailed and accurate job description helps paint the picture of its duties, expectations, and required skills and experience.

Of special note, if your company is willing to train “the right candidate”, make sure you adequately describe who that candidate is, and be prepared to be solicited by several inexperienced job seekers. And don’t lose hope; “the right candidate” just may surprise you. Ashley Marks, Employment Specialist at Aventure Staffing adds, “One of the worst things a company can do is underestimate the potential of a possible employee. If only a few candidates are applying for a position, it’s worth meeting with each one individually to make sure you aren’t sending an amazing candidate to a competitor.”

Get real.

Good employees don’t just leave good employers without a good reason. If you find yourself with a high skilled labor turnover rate, it’s time to take a good, hard look as to why. Is it time to evaluate your salary structure? Benefits? Management style? You can get a clear idea of the problem by sending out employee satisfaction surveys, hosting town hall meetings, and performing exit interviews. You can also do a competitive analysis to see what makes other companies so attractive to your former employees.

Get creative.

While higher pay elsewhere is the main reason skilled labor leaves a company, it’s not always the reason why they stay. Companies that can’t push their salary parameters, but wish to increase their employee retention rate, have to take a hard look at their peripheral benefits and how they compare their competitors.

Things to consider are:

  • Quality and price of medical insurance
  • Increased matches on 401ks
  • Family-friendly work commitments and activities
  • Ancillary benefits (flex time, company holidays, paid time off)
  • Availability of upward mobility

Of course, money does talk, and companies should listen. “There are a lot of ways a company can prevent the loss of good talent,” adds Joe Henry, Aventure Staffing Assistant Branch Manager. “Providing opportunities for vertical advancement and staying ahead of the game with adequate pay increases are two clear-cut ways to do that.”

These direct and indirect financial benefits can increase the overall value they provide to their employees.

Get involved.

Speaking of value, one of the best—and easiest—things employers can do is to develop better relationships with their employees. “Employees need to feel valued and appreciated,” says Rachael Kistner, Business Development Specialist at Aventure Staffing. “If a business can unlock this potential, they can create long-lasting relationships and longevity with employees.” While competitive wages are important, creating an environment of collaboration, respect, and trust can bolster employee retention efforts.

Ways to do this are:

  • Provide clear expectations for job performance.
  • Encourage continued education and training.
  • Performance-based awards
  • Promotions
  • Company recognition programs
  • Individualized recognition and attention

“One of the best ways to lose good employees is take them for granted,” says Kelsey Plueger, Aventure Staffing Branch Manager. “Employees who are valued, heard, and invested in have more reasons to stay. Employees who feel disregarded or placed outside the company culture are more likely to look for other options.”

As you can see, while money may be a motivating force for employee capture, employee retention can be a little more complicated. Use these steps so that once you get a powerful team in place, you can keep it that way.

Need help rounding out your skilled labor force? You’ve come to the right place. Start here.

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