The Benefits of Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises are a great way to help employees understand each other and become more efficient workers. Many employees and employers balk at the idea of team building exercises, but in reality, they can offer a multitude of benefits. If you are on the fence about having your workers engage in such exercises, you… Read More »

How to Choose Between Two Great Candidates

Have you ever had to choose between two excellent candidates? As a hiring manager, you have a difficult job and, sometimes, candidates are so alike that it can be immensely hard to make a final decision. Luckily, there are techniques you can use to make the decision-making process a bit easier and, in turn, find… Read More »

Make Your Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

We all know the importance of team building. A strong sense of belonging and being part of a team makes employees work harder and keeps them happier. The challenge some managers face is helping their temp employees feel like part of the team. Oftentimes, managers overlook the importance of inspiring engagement in temporary workers. But… Read More »

Turn “Lazy” Employees Into Productive Employees

Your business can’t be successful unless its employees are productive. You spend a lot of time and effort to make sure you are hiring productive employees. But what do you do when one of your team members starts to show signs of laziness? Well, good leadership has a lot to do with understanding human psychology.… Read More »

Managing a Team of Conflicting Personalities

Conflict in the workplace leads to a drop in productivity. A manager must be able to manage conflicting personalities and turn them into a productive team. You may be thinking, “That’s easier said than done!” True, but with the following tips, you can be successful at managing a team of conflicting personalities. It’s an Opportunity,… Read More »

We Can Find Them, It’s Up to You to Keep Them!

If we fine them, you keep them

Millenials are reputedly a job-hopping generation. According to Harvard Business Review, in fact, 70 percent of employees today will quit their job within the first two years. That can be disheartening, given the high turnover rate of many industries. But you don’t have to feel helpless! While many of your employees will likely move on… Read More »

Want To Make Employees Happy? Help Them Volunteer.

Want To Make Employees Happy? Help Them Volunteer. Aventure Chief Operating Officer, Stacia Lenz, recently published an article in Siouxland Woman that addresses the growing desire for local companies and employees to give back to their community. “Employees many times struggle with a balance between their day-to-day job functions and the ability to integrate themselves… Read More »

5 Simple Things Employers Can Do To Retain Industrial Employees

One of the greatest things about living and working in our area is the low unemployment rate. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest parts about running a business, especially if your business relies on the in-demand skilled labor force. Finding good, skilled employees is hard enough, but once you find them, how can you… Read More »