5 Secrets to Unleashing the Power of Your Resume

5 Secrets to Unleashing the Power of Your Resume

More than a list of your skills, experience, and accomplishments, your resume is your ticket to the career—and the life–you’ve always wanted. Now’s your chance to give it the best shot possible.

  1. Get active. Take a hard look at your resume. How often do you use the words “help”, “managed”, “made”, etc.? It’s time to diversify your vocabulary–and your hiring potential. Think about your specific duties and the outcomes your role in each job brought about and let more specific verbs tell the tale. Need more help? Here’s a great list of powerful verbs that boost resume appeal.
  2. Skinny resume? Think wider. If your lack of work experience is more a result of time than ability, you can add some meat to your resume by breaking down your individual responsibilities and projects. Don’t think of all of that white space as a downside; you now have plenty of room to outline your specific contributions and ideas.
  3. Resume too big? Start tailoring. If you have a breadth of experience that requires more than one page, it’s time to customize your resume to uniquely fit each and every job you apply for. Specifically highlight the job requirements listed in the position description. After all, this is your chance to show just how well you, the job, and company fit together. This will also help get your resume past any automatic filters that screen applicants in the early stages of recruitment. Your resume should fit the job as well as your suit should fit you on the day of the interview; aim for prepared, confident, and aware of your best professional features.
  4. Think outside your paycheck. There are many life experiences that help a candidate in the job environment that aren’t necessarily a “job.” Volunteer positions, hobbies, and more can give glimpses into abilities and strengths that aren’t necessarily showcased under “Work Experience.”
  5. Talk to someone who doesn’t know your background. Or, at least, speak with someone who could objectively look at your resume. To be honest, this is where the staff at Aventure staff really shows its grit. They know just what questions to ask to make sure you’ve covered every single skill, experience, and personality asset you can to give yourself the best chances of being hired. They also can see the “holes” in your resume, and help you proactively explain any blemishes that you have since learned and grown from.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Write your own ticket,” an expression that means you have the ability to control the conditions and terms for something. Your resume is very much your ticket. How you craft, tailor, and build your resume will directly influence when and where you are hired, which will impact you in many other important areas of your life. Time taken on your resume is never wasted, especially when you use these five tips.

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