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How long does it take to find a job with Aventure?

Job hunting can be time-consuming, grueling, and lengthy. The common knowledge is that a job hunt can last about one month for every $10K in salary a job hunter is hoping to make. This is obviously a rough estimate as demographics, demand, experience, and requirements play a huge role in whether or not job offers role in. In Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, where the number of jobs outnumber the job applicants, it’s less about finding a job and more about being qualified for the ones that are available.

Given the one-month estimate, however, we wanted to show just how Aventure breaks down the job-hunting process so that applicants can see just how much easier it is to use a local staffing firm. We sat down with Kelsey Plueger, Branch Manager in our Sioux City location, to break down Aventure’s application and job search process.

Application process: 10-20 minutes

You can apply at Aventure two ways: online or at the nearest Aventure location. How you apply isn’t important, just that you do. To make this process as efficient as possible, have the following information handy:
• Personal information, like your social security number and contact information
• Work history, complete with address, phone number, job title, and references
• A list of hardware and software experience
• A list of skills, certifications, and qualifications.
• Contact information (phone and address) for personal references.
Understand that the more thorough you are with this part of the application process, the better we can understand your compatibility with our clients and current job openings.

Sit down interview: 30 minutes
After you apply for the position, we’ll set up a time to see you for an in-person interview, which can be as soon as you complete the application if you happen to apply in the office. This interview basically dives into the information you’ve provided on the application and allows us to get to know you a little better, and to make sure we find the perfect fit for your skillset. Think of this interview as a prep interview; we are here to qualify you for our clients, not disqualify you for a position. Put your best foot forward and see this interview for what it is: a chance for you to put a face with your application.

“I can sit and talk with someone in an interview and within the first 5 minutes, I already have ideas of companies that I know they’ll be a good fit at,” said Kelsey Plueger. “I can also get an idea of what companies that may not be such a great fit.”

Again, the goal of this interview is to find the perfect fit so that both the candidate and the client can experience stability, longevity, and, ultimately, success with the pairing.

Orientation: 90 minutes
Once we find you a position, we’ll walk you through our training and safety orientation. You’ll watch a safety video and get acclimated with our company processes. This is an important step toward making sure you present yourself as professionally and positively as possible with your new position.

Job specific paperwork: 15 minutes
You are in the home stretch! In this part of the job acquisition process, we’re finalizing all paperwork and getting you set for your first day on the job.

All said and done, you’ll have invested less than 3 hours in your job search, and the results will most certainly surprise you. At Aventure, it isn’t always about finding a job; rather, it’s about making sure the job works. “Our process is very different from the conventional job search,” Plueger explains. “We maintain contact with our candidates throughout every stage of the process, making sure we are confident of the fit.”

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