Before Accepting a Job Offer, There Are a Few Things to Consider

Receiving an offer of employment can be incredibly exciting. This especially is true if you are looking for your first job or if you have been unemployed for some time. It is a sense of validation. Someone likes you enough to invite you to work for them.

However, not all opportunities are created equal. Although it may be tempting to immediately shout “Yes,” put some thought and reflection into your final decision. As difficult as it may be to decline an offer, it is far more complicated to find yourself in the wrong position.

Here are a few of the top items to evaluate:

Salary / Hourly Pay

Not surprisingly, money often is the deciding factor in whether to accept a job. Make sure your annual income will cover your living expenses. Review your budget to see what is possible. Even if the pay is less than you expected, do not overlook chances for career growth and advancement. You may be willing to reduce your current spending for better opportunities in the long-run. And remember if an organization is really interested in you, and you are interested in them, you may be able to negotiate a better deal.


According to Bankrate, employee benefits can add up to about 30 percent of your total compensation package. Before accepting a position, ask about health insurance and paid leave including vacations. Also, take the time to familiarize yourself with the retirement plan. Many organizations offer matching programs and stock options that can be lucrative over time. Other perks may include free snacks and/or meals, cell phone coverage, a company vehicle or even a great office space.

Job Description

Sometimes interviews and application processes do not accurately portray the actual job. Therefore, it is important to request a written copy of the final job description when the offer is made. Review the document and ask yourself, “Is this position what I thought it would be?” Make sure your expectations align with the organization’s. If you have personal commitments outside of your career or if you regard work/life balance to be a high priority, weigh the impact of items such as overtime hours, flexible versus fixed schedules and/or travel requirements.


The Best Places to Work, companies such as Southwest Airlines and Google, put considerable emphasis on hiring for culture fit. Unfortunately, not all companies do. So, it may be up to you to conduct your own research. Hopefully, you applied because you found the organization interesting and appealing. But, take this a step further. Did you feel comfortable in the environment while interviewing? How did you feel about your potential co-workers? Do you know anyone who may be able to provide further insider insight? Above all, listen to your intuition. It may be trying to tell you something.

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