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The Most Powerful Job Search Tool in Siouxland You Aren’t Using

The Most Powerful Job Search Tool in Siouxland You Aren’t Using

Most people aren’t aware that the job market in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota is ripe for the picking. If you’re having a hard time during your job search, it may be because you aren’t looking in quite the right places. Like at an Aventure Staffing office.

We caught up with Brian and Jon, two Aventure placements in current direct-hire positions, to talk about their job-hunting experience and what they could share about the Aventure process.

Capitalize on your “real” skill set.
“Aventure didn’t just match me to my current company based on my technical skills,” said Jon, who works with a company in Sheldon, Iowa. “They knew the company wanted someone who was willing to go out and get it done, be hands-on, and work with others in the field. They wanted a proactive candidate who could work independently while also being a creative and participating member of a team.”

For Aventure, it’s not about just find a person to fill a role. “It’s all about the perfect fit,” said Brian. “From the interview process and conversations, Aventure team members get a real feel for where a candidate could bring success both to the business and themselves.

Know what local companies are hiring and what they are looking for.
When a company uses a staffing firm to hire candidates, positions aren’t always posted publically. Because of their close relationship with the companies who are hiring, firms like Aventure often have an inside scoop of what skills sets and personalities would work best with each one.

When your applications come up empty and your resume isn’t impressing hiring managers, Aventure can help. Sometimes skills and character come through more strongly in person than it does on paper, and Aventure is particularly good at translating one into the other.

More often than not, a candidate has more qualifications than they themselves were aware of.

Look for a career and not a job.
Everyone needs to find a job to earn a living, but candidates don’t need to sacrifice their careers in the process. Every opportunity, whether it is short-term, long-term, or direct hire, offers a chance to build and gain new skills.

Aventure didn’t just find me a job. They set me on a career path,” said Jon. “Each placement I was given built upon the skills I developed in the last one. The company I work for now is absolutely wonderful. When Aventure put us together, it was such a great match of both skills and my proactive, hands-on personality.”

“I never even thought of going through a staffing agency to find a job. I was impressed with their ability to find jobs for people that were such a great fit. They work for the employer, but they are still all about the employee,” added Brain.

If you are trying to figure out how to use a staffing firm to find a job, the first thing you should do is call or stop by an office. When asked where they would be if they hadn’t walked through Aventure’s doors, Brian replied, “I would not be in the position I’m in now. Jon followed up with, “I’d probably still be looking for a job.”

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