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All About the Benjamins

Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Benjamin Franklin serves as the multitasker that multitaskers bow to. As an author, a political theorist, a postmaster, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, and printer, Benjamin Franklin knew a thing or two about trying, failing, living, and working within society. Today we celebrate his wisdom with some of our favorite quotes. We hope they inspire you… Read More »

The Importance of the Interview

Everyone knows the interview helps determine a candidate’s fit not only with the position, but also with the company’s goals, culture, and climate. We also know that asking the right questions is just as important as receiving the right answers. But what are the “right” questions. Outside of the preliminary resume-based inquisition, which essentially allows… Read More »

Community Spotlight: Sheldon

Sheldon is the largest town in O’Brien County and serves as a transportation hub for Iowa’s northwest corner. At the crossroads of Iowa Highway 60 and U.S. Highway 18, Sheldon is not far from the large interstates that connect it with nearby states and large metropolitan areas. Sheldon’s welcome sign shouts that it is a… Read More »

7 Perks of Seasonal Employment

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t quite here yet and we’re already seeing a mad dash for holiday spending and celebrating. All this extra madness also means one more thing: ‘tis the season for seasonal employment. Make holiday cash. This one is obvious. And if you can leverage the added paycheck with a discount at your favorite… Read More »