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7 Perks of Seasonal Employment

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t quite here yet and we’re already seeing a mad dash for holiday spending and celebrating. All this extra madness also means one more thing: ‘tis the season for seasonal employment.

  • Make holiday cash. This one is obvious. And if you can leverage the added paycheck with a discount at your favorite retailer, even better.
  • Flexible scheduling. With extended retail hours, seasonal employment can offer a wide range of scheduling options that can suit almost anyone’s needs, including students, stay at home moms, and those working full time.
  • Foot, meet Door. It may start out a seasonal position, but impress the right people and you may find yourself with bigger opportunities after the tinsel comes down.
  • Toes, meet Water. Seasonal or temporary work is a great short-term opportunity to test the water in a market or field that you might not otherwise try. Dive in and feel it out. You’ll walk away with more knowledge, maybe a few more skills, and fuller pockets. Not a bad way to spend 8-10 weeks.
  • Expand your circle. Enjoy the chance to bond with new co-workers, network, and explore new relationships.
  • Bolster your resume. Employers love the look of consistent employment, and listing seasonal positions can convey ambition, motivation, and an active participation in your own growth.
  • Great Practice. Seasonal positions offer a great way to practice interview and resume writing skills. Mastering these skills is difficult to do without attempting them first, so try and keep trying.

Make no mistake about it; seasonal positions are a great way to help make you well seasoned for the jobs and career that mean the most to you.

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