Strengthen Your Resume With These 3 Easy Tips

We know we don’t need to tell you that a resume can either sell or repel you. How you approach the crafting of such an important document can determine whether you land the job you want or get the job you need. Here are three of our favorite tips.

    1. Power in Numbers. Action words and correct spelling definitely have a place in your resume, but if you are looking to make a serious impression, use numbers to support your accomplishments. Think about how to quantify your experience, skills, results, and quality of work. Are you highly accurate? Do you have outstanding sales performance? How much money have you raised or saved during the course of your employment? These are just a few questions that could be better represented in number form.
    1. Volunteer. It doesn’t matter if the work doesn’t directly relate to your chosen field; volunteering demonstrates character and a willingness to look beyond your own needs. Find a volunteer opportunity that speaks to you on a personal level so that you can commit to it and speak passionately about it.
  1. Get a job. Time gaps on your resume do little to bolster it. Even if the available job openings aren’t in your field or interest area, they could offer you an expanded skill set that would make you more marketable in the future. After all, the more skills and experience you have, the more employable you become. We realize this can feel a bit circular as you may need a solid resume to get a job, but the important thing is to start somewhere. So get started.

A resume is a comprehensive look at your skills, accomplishments and capabilities. You owe it to yourself to approach it with honesty and integrity, and to seek out opportunities to strengthen not only this piece of paper, but also your potential.

One thought on “Strengthen Your Resume With These 3 Easy Tips

  1. I absolutely agree with having numbers and volunteer experience on the resume. In addition, there are also a lot of creative ways to deal with transferable experience, so if you have attained experience that doesn’t seem to be in your desired field, it doesn’t have to look out of place–wordsmith it to fit.

    Pamela Paterson
    Author, Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

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