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How to Attract and Maintain Employees in 2022

As more companies ramp up recruiting efforts, it’s no surprise that competition will continue to be a top concern in 2022. Don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re here to help you navigate through it! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the tight labor market may be loosening with the unemployment rate declining to 4.2% and labor participation rate increasing to 61.8% – the highest level since March 2020! With government benefits running out and the rise of inflation, workers will soon be desperate to return to work…but they’ll have a lot of options. How can your company stand out?

As we continue to face challenges together in 2022, here is how we can stay top of mind to our candidates and retain great employees.

Adapting to Expectations

We must continue to adapt to candidate and employee expectations regarding issues surrounding the pandemic. This includes being honest and transparent when addressing health and safety concerns, vaccine mandates, work flexibility and other issues that may arise over the next few months.

Monitoring Employee Stress and Burnout

With a high number of companies operating with minimal staff, stress and burnout are key risk factors when it comes to considering the well being of your employees. Learning how to recognize the signs and develop solutions will play a major role in retaining these employees during busy and short-staffed periods.

Provide Recognition

In addition to monitoring your employee’s mental well being on the job, a little recognition goes a long way. Go beyond the standard thank you card or a quick stop to say “well done”. Send a company announcement, buying them lunch or even a gift card to your local grocery store would be more than appreciated for a job well done.

Employees Want More

The employees coming back in 2022 want more and not just more pay. With health remaining a top concern across the country, access to affordable health benefits will be more important than ever to employees, especially those with families. They also need more flexibility for time off to care for themselves or sick family members without fear of losing their job.

Pivoting Your Focus

One final adjustment that could benefit employers in 2022 is focusing more on skills and less on the resume and requirements. For positions with a long list of expectations, finding qualified candidates will be the biggest hiring challenge in 2022 and may take time. Between mass layoffs and the Great Resignation, today’s candidate (and future candidates) likely won’t have the “perfect” resume. Look past the employment gaps, education, 10 years of experience, and length of time at previous companies. Instead, focus on trainability and the skills that a candidate brings to the table that are truly needed to perform the job effectively.

The candidate pool and profile has changed but the work hasn’t. Candidates now have the ability to be selective about positions they are considering and the companies they could work with. Remote work has expanded their search for opportunity even more. From flexibility and recognition to benefits and company culture, these will be the most critical selling points for hiring in 2022 and retaining current employees. 



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