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Employers: Time is of the Essence

You’ve heard the phrase and it may be an old cliche, but TIME IS MONEY! Do you think that is true or false?  We say, “True!” every time.  When it comes to finding the right staff, regardless of the caliber you are looking for, starting that process at the right time is key.  In this “war for talent” economy, waiting too long to start the hiring process can easily push your candidates into the arms of your competitors. That’s why it’s important to have a partner like us with extensive industry knowledge so you can hire victoriously.

Here are some scenarios for you to chew on:

Filling the Role of a Tenured Employee

Your bookkeeper has been with you for 15 years and is now looking to retire.  You know you have about 6 months to a year to find a replacement.  Do you start now, or wait 3-4 months to get started?  When considering your options, ask yourself this, how long did it take your current bookkeeper to master their role?  Now double that timeframe and use that as your guide.

Racing the Clock

Your key manager has just given you 30 days notice so the clock is ticking to find a replacement.  Do you look within your organization or outside of it?  If you choose an in-house employee, what hole does that now leave elsewhere in the business?  Not sure if you have enough time to figure it all out?  Call us for a second opinion.

Mass Hiring Efforts

You have a large project or busy season approaching and you need about 20 additional employees to meet the demands of your clients.  How much lead time should you give a staffing firm in order to be successful in meeting your deadlines?  What’s your screening process and are there any areas of inefficiency that could be streamlined to speed up the process?  We can help you find inefficiencies and solve those problems.

Whether it’s finding one key employee or 20 general laborers, making the call to Aventure to prepare for the “what if’s” will save you Time and Money in the long run. Call me directly to discuss your business needs today!

Christine Salem

Regional Manager | Sioux City, Sheldon & Cherokee









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