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Celebrating 38 with 8 Facts About Aventure Staffing

Aventure Staffing is celebrating 38 years in business! Since our first opening in July of 1983, originally founded as Rudy Salem Employment Agency, Aventure Staffing has grown to a full-service staffing agency with 10 branches and divisions across the Midwest! We are incredibly proud of the success we have attained in the staffing industry and all the people and businesses we have helped along the way. To celebrate, we thought what better way than to share a little bit about the history of our company and what makes us so great?! If you agree, then read on to these 8 facts about Aventure Staffing!

1. Midwest Coverage, Small Town Service

While we have employees and job opportunities across Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota, we remain true to our roots by providing the friendly service that many small midwestern towns are accustomed to. It all starts with a conversation and great listening to take time and get to know each of our employees and clients. This allows us to build connections and relationships which then in turn creates a strong bridge between job seekers and employers. After all, that’s what small town service is all about – the people and relationships between them.

2. Women in Leadership

According to Nichols College Institute for Female Leadership, globally, women hold just 24% of leadership positions across the globe while in the United States, women hold only 38% of leadership roles. It is empowering for us to say that each Aventure Location is 100% led by our women in leadership! It’s no wonder our employees rave about the level of care and compassion they receive when walking through the Aventure doors.

3. We Love our Communities

We take pride in the resource we provide to the people, businesses and communities we serve. Whether it’s through our staff’s non-profit board membership, monetary donations or our volunteering spirit, our AVENTURE CARES program provides community support in the areas where our families, employers and employees call home. We think it is equally important that our staff members have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to organizations that mean the most to them. This is why each of our staff members receive 1 paid day to volunteer at a non-profit of their choosing and nominate charities as donor recipients every year. Since 2010, we have given back to 155 local charities. You can take a look at our past recipients here. 

4. A Full Service Staffing Agency

Aventure Staffing is the only Siouxland employer and staffing agency that has career opportunities in not just industrial and office but in the healthcare and professional industries as well. We are a full service staffing agency with temporary, seasonal, temp-to-hire and direct-hire positions. Job titles range from general labor and construction to Registered Nurses and corporate level executives. Whether you are looking for part time, full time, temporary or long term work, Aventure Staffing has a job opportunity for every walk of life!

5. Building Connections

Since 1983, Aventure Staffing has helped over 2,400 Midwest companies find hard working and reliable employees. We’re happy to say that several of our original client employers are still using our services today. To have clients that have been with us for 38 years and counting is truly humbling and attests to our diligence and commitment. We can’t say, “Thank you!” enough!

6. Our Job Is to Get You Hired!

Since 2000 we hired more that 25,000 people across the Midwest and counting! Our team takes pride in the services we provide to job-seekers. Whether they are seeking full-time or part-time work in industrial, office, healthcare or professional careers, we have something for every walk of life! We understand that there’s more to finding a job than just connecting a candidate with an employer. We put just as much effort into finding the best cultural fit as we do in matching your skills with appropriate positions.

7. “…The Most Important People in the World.”

Our employees are so much more than warm bodies filling open positions. We genuinely care for every individual that calls our office or walks through our doors. Just take a look at our testimonials if you aren’t convinced! Our founder, Rudy Salem, believed in honesty, straightforward conversations and “treating people like they are the most important people in the world.” That mindset continues to drive Aventure today in our commitment to treating each employee and client like part of the family.

8. Our Investment

Reader, whether you are a current or future employee or client, we are fully invested in you. Our success is not measured in numbers but in solutions we provide to job seekers and employers. We choose to benefit others before ourselves, always assume the best intentions and hold each other accountable. You can believe what we say, trust us to make good choices and follow-through on commitments.


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