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Developing a Stronger Relationship With Your Employees in 2020

Relationships matter. And as a manager, you recognize understanding and getting along well with your staff can help your company succeed. But how do you build these personal bonds? Use these tips to develop a stronger relationship with your employees.

Get to Know Your People

Can you list at least three interesting facts about each of your employees? If not, this may be a perfect place to start. Make it a point to learn more about your workers. How many kids do they have? Do they have any unique hobbies? What’s their favorite sports team? Are they dealing with many difficult issues in their personal lives? Taking an interest in people shows they matter to you. Plus, you’ll have more material for engaging conversations.

Be Approachable

If your people are afraid of you or if you’re always too busy to talk, forming relationships will be extremely difficult. You’ll also miss out on innovative suggestions and creative ideas your employees may wish to discuss. Of course, this doesn’t mean you must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, you DO need to make time for people. If someone comes to talk to you and you happen to be dealing with a pressing matter, either follow up or schedule a meeting for later.

Trust Your Employees

Trust is an essential part of relationships. In other words, when you ask your workers to do something, assume they will follow through. Don’t micromanage or check in on them twenty-five times a day. Does this mean your staff will be one hundred percent reliable? Unfortunately, no. After all, we’re all only human. As Laszlo Bock, Former SVP of People Operations at Google, explains, “…if you give people freedom, they will surprise, delight, and amaze you. They will also sometimes disappoint you… It’s just one of the trade-offs.

Keep Everyone Informed

Obviously, as a manager, you will need to keep some information confidential. But whenever possible, let your employees know what is going on. And, this includes good news as well as bad. By being open and honest (even when it’s hard), you are displaying your investment in the relationship.

Play by the Rules

Let’s say you ask your team to stay late to finish a project, and then you leave early. What will your employees think? Hint: It probably won’t be positive. Certainly, managers have the power to grant themselves special privileges, but this isn’t how you earn respect. Hold yourself to the same (if not a slightly higher standard) than those around you. When YOU follow the same rules you set for your workers, you’re sending a message, “We’re all in this together.”

Are You Hoping to Build Stronger Relationships with Your Employees in 2020?

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