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Learn How to Create a Company Employees Will Never Want to Leave

Long gone are the days when people stayed in one place for their entire careers. In fact, as of 2019, statistics show the average worker switched jobs every three to five years. However, research suggests those old-fashioned commitment cultures tend to be the most productive. So, how can you create a company employees will never want to leave?

Provide Purpose

Ultimately, people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. As Larry Page, co-founder of Google, once stated, “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” Make sure your team knows how they are making a difference. Maybe they are saving lives? Maybe they are manufacturing products that keep everyone safer? Or, maybe they are helping others make better financial decisions? When employees understand WHY they are going to work every day, they will be more dedicated and engaged.

Bring in the Right People

If you want workers to commit to your organization, an effective and well-developed hiring process is essential. After all, accidentally inviting the wrong person to join your team sparks turnover. Not only will the bad hire eventually leave (or be asked to leave) because they are a poor fit but also, their negative attitude and/or lack of competence will probably chase away other loyal employees.

Be Successful

To stay in business, companies must be good at what they do. And, not surprisingly, people notice when things aren’t going well. When layoff rumors start, talented and motivated employees begin to explore other options. This quickly can create a downward spiral where you lose top performers and therefore fall even further behind. On the other hand, if your organization is innovative, focused, and stable, your workers will feel safe and secure.

Offer Opportunities for Growth

In today’s world, if you stay where you are, you’ll be left behind. Employees recognize this. And if they can’t find ongoing opportunities at your organization, they will look elsewhere. Make professional development part of your company culture to keep both your workers and your business competitive.

Compensate Fairly

Many organizations confuse fair pay with top pay. Your company may not be able to pay the highest salaries in your industry, and that’s okay. In fact, many people place a greater value on perks such as a fantastic corporate culture, flex time and/or generous benefits packages. Nevertheless, you WILL run into problems when your compensation is below the market value. Your organization might be the best place to work in the world, but if your employees can triple their income by doing the same job at the business down the street, they are going to think about taking another job.

Are You Trying to Find Employees Who Will Never Want to Leave?

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