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Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Payroll is a never-ending job. Every pay period, your staff needs to enter data, run calculations, check for mistakes, authorize payments, and distribute checks or paystubs. And then, there are those annual jobs like preparing W-2 forms, generating reports, and remitting taxes. If your business department wasn’t dealing with all these tedious tasks, think what else your employees could be accomplishing with their time.

Reduce Costs

Many companies argue, “If someone else does our payroll, we’ll have to pay a fee. It’s cheaper to do it ourselves.” But is it truly cheaper? Run the numbers. The cost of labor, training, and software alone may surprise you. And, if someone makes an error in reporting, the penalties can be steep. For many small to mid-sized businesses, outsourcing payroll is the most cost-effective choice.

Improve Security

Even with trusted employees, payroll processing can be risky. Threats include identity theft, embezzlement, and tampering with company records. In-house payroll software can be problematic, as well? Are your computers up to date? Is your network secure? A quality payroll provider can offer peace of mind with state-of-the-art technologies that include monitored networks, fraud alerts, and built-in backup systems.

Avoid Mistakes

Governments rules and regulations are constantly changing. This can make it difficult for your business to keep on top of the latest laws. However, professional payroll providers research and study current regulations as part of their job. Your organization can take advantage of their expertise to stay compliant and therefore eliminate costly errors.

Are You Considering Outsourcing Payroll for Your Temporary Employees?

Aventure Staffing is here to help! We place temporary and temp-to-hire workers through Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota. When you hire our temps, they stay on Aventure’s payroll. Your company doesn’t need to worry about paychecks, worker compensation, or unemployment insurance. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today!

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