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How to Immediately Make New Employees Feel Welcome

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring all take time and energy. After all the effort you’ve put into finding your top-choice candidate, you want to leave them with a positive impression after their first day on the job. Here’s how to immediately make new employees feel welcome.

Send Out a Warm Welcome in Advance

You don’t have to wait until their arrival to greet new hires. Start early by sending them an email, information packet, and/or care package. This will help them feel both appreciated and more at ease. Consider including any of the following: a note from their supervisor, a list of first day FAQs, log-in credentials (so they can begin filling out paperwork if they wish), an onboarding schedule, and company swag like coffee mugs, pens or t-shirts.

Announce Their Arrival

To avoid awkward “Who are you?” introductions, tell your current staff about hires beforehand. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through email. Send out the person’s name, start date, a brief bio, and, if possible, a picture. Your newest employee will feel more valued when everybody knows their name, and your existing employees will be in a better position to welcome them to the team.

Be Prepared

If you are scrambling to set up for your most recent hire upon their arrival, this is a bad beginning. Not only does your organization look unprepared, but your new employee will be uncomfortable. Plan ahead and have workspaces, computers, desks, lockers, security badges, and log-in credentials ready to go.

Set a Schedule

Your new employee won’t feel welcome if they spend the day standing around, trying to figure out what to do next. Don’t let this happen. As part of your onboarding process, develop a standard first-day schedule and adjust as needed. Also, try to keep paperwork to a minimum. No one wants to spend their first eight hours on the job filling out forms.

Offer an All-Inclusive Tour

Familiarize your new hire with your company by giving them a comprehensive tour. Show them your complete facility, including their workspace, the breakroom, and the bathrooms. And, introduce them to their colleagues as you go. Also, provide a brief on-the-job training session covering basics such as navigating the phone system and using the copy machine.

Assign Them a Buddy or Mentor

Even under the best of circumstances, being a newbie can be stressful. Matching your most recent hire with an established veteran gives them an added sense of security. When they are confused or unsure about a task, they automatically know who to go to for help. In fact, in a recent pilot program, researchers at Microsoft found new employees with buddies were 36% more satisfied with the onboarding program after 90 days than those without.

Are You Looking to Welcome New Employees to Your Team?

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