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How to Help Your Employees Become More Productive

When workers perform at their highest levels, companies gain an advantage over the competition. So, how can you maximize the potential of your team? Use these five strategies to help your employees become more productive.

Provide Inspiration

What if your employees liked or even loved their jobs? Chances are, they would get more done. How can you create this type of excitement? Start by showing your workers why their contributions make a difference to your organization, to your customers, and to the world at large. A job that has meaning is a powerful motivator. After all, when we’re working on important things, we’re eager to give it our all.

Hire the Right People

We all know working with the right people makes a job more fun, and working with the wrong people can make life miserable. Give your employees a productivity advantage by surrounding them with amazing colleagues. Examine your hiring and recruiting process and ask tough questions. Are you attracting top talent? Is your interview process producing reliable results? And, what can you do to further improve your staffing efforts?

Automate Whenever Possible

When your employees spend hours completing boring and repetitive tasks, they will become bored and unmotivated. Fortunately, today’s technology can take over many time-consuming jobs and finish them faster and with greater accuracy. Look for high-tech solutions to tasks such as data collection, data processing, time tracking, and calendar management. Not only will your employees be happier, but you’ll create space for them to work on more interesting and impactful assignments.

Discourage Multitasking

The modern world loves the idea of multitasking. Just think, you draft a report, check your email and chat with a co-worker all at once. However, here’s the problem. Indeed, your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you multitask, you are quickly shifting your attention from one thing to the next. This causes mental blocks and slows you down. Therefore, studies show multitasking actually reduces your productivity by as much as 40%. Educate your employees on the dangers of multitasking and encourage them to limit distractions while they are working.

Celebrate Success

Sometimes we all need a little pat on the back. Letting your workers know you recognize and appreciate their efforts will keep them enthusiastic and focused. Also, remember specific praise is more powerful than overused compliments. Which would you rather hear? “Good job. Thanks!” or “I genuinely appreciated the extra time you spent on yesterday’s presentation. Your additional data points were a key factor in helping us land that account.”

Are You Looking to Build a More Productive Team?

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