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5 Tips For Breaking Out of a Job-Search Rut

When you started job hunting, you were full of enthusiasm and excitement. But despite your best efforts, you seem to be going NOWHERE. Don’t give up! Use these tips to break out of a job-search rut.

1. Switch Things Up

Often ruts happen when we keep doing the same things even when they aren’t producing results. Are you spending eight hours a day glued to your computer? Have you revised your resume so many times you’ve lost count? Break out of your unproductive patterns by switching up your routine. For example, start volunteering a few days each week, find a part-time job or spend some time conducting informational interviews. A simple change of pace may be all you need to get back on course.

2. Ask for Help

Guess what? You don’t have to job hunt alone. Let your friends, family, and colleagues know you are looking for work and ask them for suggestions. Tap into your extended network and try to find industry connections. And, consider partnering with a local employment agency. A professional recruiter can review your application materials, offer expert advice, and match you to best-fit positions. Seeking out assistance from others may be one of the smartest job-searching moves you make.

3. Identify Possible Problems

Although you may feel like everything is going wrong with your job hunt, this probably isn’t the case. It’s more likely you are getting stuck at a certain point. Are you sending out applications and not receiving any response? This could mean you need to rethink your resume or follow up differently. Are you landing interviews but not moving past the first round? You may need to ask better questions or keep your nerves under control

4. Develop a New Plan

Now, it’s time to create a more effective strategy. Do you need more experience to land the job you want? Try looking for temporary assignments or volunteer opportunities to build your resume. Are you choking during interviews? Consider signing up for an interview coaching course. Once you have pinpointed what may help, come up with new goals. Write these down, set deadlines and track your progress. Checking things off your to-do list will keep you motivated even when you hit those unavoidable rough spots.

5. Re-evaluate

If things are looking up, that’s fantastic. Continue along your new path. However, if your job search seems to have stalled AGAIN, return to step #1. It is possible to get stuck in more than one rut. Continue examining your process and making well-informed changes. Eventually, you will discover success.

Could You Use Help Breaking Out of a Job-Search Rut?

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