5 Benefits of Volunteering You May Now Know About

Volunteering is wonderful for the community. However, you may not realize, serving as a volunteer is good for you too. Here are five benefits of volunteering you may not know about.

  • You Will Discover Your Community

You probably are aware your town or city has food pantries, animal shelters, and volunteer fire departments. But do you know what these groups accomplish? Volunteering allows you to see the number of people who need assistance and the amount of good non-for-profit organizations do. You’ll gain new perspectives as well as a greater appreciation for the place where you live.

  • You Will Expand Your Social Network

Whether you are lonely, isolated, or someone who enjoys meeting new people, volunteering is a fantastic way to make friends. Plus, most people choose volunteer activities based on their interests. For example, someone who loves carpentry may sign up with Habitat for Humanity. Whereas, someone who enjoys working with children may volunteer at their local Boys & Girls Club. As a result, you’ll be connecting with people with whom you have lots in common.

  • You Will Be Healthier

Since volunteering keeps you physically active and gives you a better outlook on life, it’s associated with a variety of health benefits. These include lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and an overall healthier lifestyle. “Older people who volunteer often feel younger, and chronically ill people may have fewer symptoms and pain.” (The Balance, 2019)

  • You Will Feel Like You Have More Time

This may seem counterintuitive. After all, if you spend your Saturday morning volunteering, you lost some of your free time. Nevertheless, research shows giving your time to others makes you feel time affluent, just as people who donate to charities feel wealthier. By volunteering, you recognize you have accomplished something, and therefore you believe you can accomplish more in the future. This makes time seem more expansive. (Harvard Business Review, 2012)

  • You Will Learn Career-Building Skills

When you volunteer, you show you are motivated, enthusiastic, and civic-minded. And, these are all traits employers love. In addition, volunteer work can be an amazing training ground for career growth. You may pick up new technical skills as well as soft skills like leadership and collaboration. Not to mention, practicing and perfecting your talents in a volunteer setting can add to your experience, increase your confidence, and make you more marketable.

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