Learn How to Bring Out Your Employees’ Strengths

What if you could maximize the potential of everyone on your team? It sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it? Use these tips to bring out your employees’ strengths and help your company achieve amazing things.

Identify Strengths

All of us have innate talents or things that come easily to us. However, your employees may not recognize where they naturally excel. Assist them by adding strengths to the conversation during one-on-one meetings or performance reviews. Ask your workers, “What do you enjoy about your job?” and “Give three examples of when you believed you performed at your best?” Then, look for patterns so together you can discover their top talents.

Apply Strengths

Once you know what an employee’s strengths are, provide opportunities for them to use and practice these skills. If someone is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker, schedule them to present at a conference. Or, if one of your workers is the most organized person you’ve ever meet, ask them to manage an upcoming project.

Build on Strengths

Even natural strengths need to be developed over time. This is another area where you can guide your employees. If your public speaker and project manager are exceeding expectations, look for ways to push their talents further. Suggest professional development opportunities, such as enrolling in a public speaking workshop or pursuing a project manager certification. And encourage them to set goals based on what they already have accomplished.

Advise Employees to Use Strengths Wisely

We all love strengths. Nevertheless, as organizational psychologist Adam Grant points out in his Work Life podcast, it’s possible to misuse strengths, use them unintelligently, or apply them in the wrong situations. For example, a perfectionist could be the ideal person to proofread an important presentation. But if it takes them eight hours to complete the task, that’s a problem. Watch your workers and let them know when they may need to utilize their strengths differently.

Don’t Completely Ignore Weaknesses

Weaknesses are tricky. According to business consultant, Marcus Buckingham, zeroing in on weaknesses “is really just a way to help people go from bad to average at a particular activity. You don’t remediate your way to excellence.” Still, employees should address Achilles’ heels especially if these weaknesses interfere with their overall performance. Let’s say you have an administrative assistant who hates public speaking but needs to run a meeting once a month. If she is fantastic at all the other parts of her job, this shouldn’t be her downfall. It would be in everyone’s best interest for her to receive additional coaching so she could, at least, competently cover this minor problem area.

Are You Hoping to Build a Stronger Team?

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