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3 Ways to Turn Stress Into Productivity

You know the feeling. You have so much to do. You don’t know where to start. And, your stress level is through the roof. How could you possibly turn this panic into productivity?

Guess what? You can. Look back to one of your most productive days. Chances are you were under pressure. Yet, you channeled that pressure into efficiency. Would you like to do this on regular basis? Use these three strategies to help bend stress to your will.

  1. Admit That Stress Happens

    Unless you are on a permanent beach vacation, you will experience stress. This is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, society tends to view stress in only a negative light. After all, left unchecked, it can cause both physical and emotional problems ranging from tummy aches to depression. However, stress keeps us alert, motivated and ready to avoid danger too. So, if you feel frustrated because you’re always anxious, give yourself a break. You’re only human.

  2. Change Your Mindset

    Instead of viewing stress as something that holds you back, look at it as something that pushes you forward. According to psychology expert Shawn Achor, “our brain function improves when it reframes challenges in the positive. If we are positive and concerned (not be confused with worried), our brains are able to expand, allowing for faster processing and increased productivity.” (Medium, 2016) Compare stress to going to the gym. Most people don’t like being sweaty and sore. However, they do enjoy the benefits of being in shape. Think of stress as a brain sweat. It isn’t necessarily fun at the time, but often it’s the only way to success.

  3. Evaluate How You Handle Stress and Plan Accordingly

    If our stress level is too low, we are complacent or even lazy. Yet, if our stress level is too high, we tend to lose focus and crash. This concept was first described in 1908 and is known as Yerkes-Dodson Law. Here’s the problem. Everyone’s breaking point is different. You’ve probably noticed this in your own life. Most of us know someone who becomes anxiety-ridden when facing a minor deadline and another person who remains completely calm during a major crisis. So, you need to discover where you have just enough stress but not too much. For example, let’s say you are a procrastinator who regularly goes into a full-fledged panic at the last minute. You may need to set imaginary deadlines to divide your work into more manageable (and less stressful) parts. Or, if you find yourself constantly worrying about trivial details, you may want to investigate stress reduction techniques to keep your everyday anxiety under better control.

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