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5 Tips for Following up After Submitting a Resume

You found a fantastic job opportunity and eagerly submitted your resume. But it’s been weeks, and you have heard … absolutely nothing. What should you do? Give up or follow up?

Although contacting a company to check on the status of your resume feels awkward, this strategy can be a smart way to land a job. However, you’ll want to make sure you handle the situation carefully and professionally.

  1. Wait at Least a Week or Two

    Contacting the company the next day to see if they received your resume is a terrible idea. This will make you look desperate, annoying and even rude. Organizations often receive hundreds of applications, so be patient. Most experts agree following up after one week is fine. Just make sure there isn’t a close date or “please do not contact us” line in the job description. You don’t want to be the person who didn’t read directions.

  2. Tap Into Your Network

    If you are lucky enough to know someone at the organization, they may be able help you out. Let them know you sent in an application. If they are willing to mention your name to the hiring manager, this could move your resume to the top of the pile. After all, companies love referrals.

  3. Send an Email

    Once you have decided it’s time to follow up on your own, email is a good place to start. The hiring manager will have the information they need in front of them, and they can respond at their convenience. Use these tips to write an effective letter.

    • Put the job title and your first and last name in the subject line;
    • address and send the letter directly to the hiring manager;
    • mention the job you applied for and when you applied;
    • express your ongoing interest in the position;
    • briefly mention (in a sentence or two) why you are good fit;
    • politely ask about a timeline and/or next steps;
    • thank them for their time; and,
    • of course, keep the email short.
  4. Make a Phone Call

    If you sent an email, waited another week or two and you’ve still haven’t heard back, try calling. Your message should cover the same points as your email. Keep the conversation light and friendly. You are just checking in.

  5. Move On

    What if you’ve jumped through all the hoops and still received no response? Chances are you’re getting a slow NO. Rather than continuing to contact the company and gaining a reputation as a stalker, cut your losses. It’s time to pursue other opportunities. This can be a bitter pill to swallow especially if you were excited about a position. But, remember, if the organization can’t even give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on your resume, maybe it’s not such a fantastic place to work.

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