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Learn How to Be Happier at Work and Boost Your Career

We can’t always do what we love, but we can love what we do. Learn how making few conscious decisions can make you happier and more successful on the job.

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Would you rather have a dream job and no friends or an OK job and tons of friends? For most of us connecting with others is important. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be best buddies with all your co-workers. However, taking the time to form meaningful relationships can make your workday much more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll find it easier to get things done when you’re working with people you know and like.

Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone has strong points and weak points. And, struggling through tasks you aren’t good at is no fun. Whenever possible, look to move into areas where you excel. Remember, this isn’t an attempt to get out of something. You simply are trying to benefit the company by playing to your strengths.

Record Your Wins

At the end of a long day, you may feel as though you didn’t accomplish much. After all, life is full of small tasks. But, don’t forget, these small tasks can add up to big wins. To remind yourself what you have done, write down three of your achievements at the end of each day. This is a wonderful way to boost both your confidence and your mood in less than five minutes.

Keep Learning

Not only will learning help you advance your career, it makes you feel good too. You may choose to return to school, participate in professional development programs or sign up for an online class. If you prefer hands-on learning, ask for a stretch assignment or propose a new project. You can even listen to industry-related podcasts during your commute. The options are seemingly limitless.

Set Aside “Me Time”

Doing something you enjoy every day will make you happier and more productive. For the best results, automatically add this activity to your daily routine. You might work out for ten minutes every morning, chat with your family for 20 minutes when you get home or read for 15 minutes before bed. Even when life gets hectic, this will be your regularly scheduled opportunity to recharge.

Reevaluate Your Options

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you may just be in the wrong place. If you’ve tried all the ideas above and you still hate your job, you could be overdue for a change. Keep in mind, this can be a terrifying decision, but your long-term happiness depends on your resolve. Brush off your resume and start scanning the job boards. You can do this!

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