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6 Benefits of Direct Hire Through a Staffing Agency

Is your organization trying, unsuccessfully, to fill an executive position or niche role? Are you struggling to find the right candidates in a tight labor market? If you answered YES to either question, direct hire recruiting may be the right choice for you.

Most businesses use direct hire for permanent full-time placements. The process begins when a company asks a staffing firm to help them find the exact employee they need. The staffing service advertises for the position, sorts resumes, screens applicants and identifies a handful of top qualifiers. Finally, the company chooses and hires their best-fit candidate, and that employee goes directly on their payroll.

So, how can direct hire benefit your organization?

Save Time and Resources

You may ask, “Why use an employment agency, when we can recruit by ourselves for free?” But is in-house hiring actually free? Consider the man-hours needed to write job descriptions, post ads, read through resumes, background check applicants and schedule interviews. It’s probably more time-consuming than you originally thought. Why not outsource hiring to the experts, so you can focus on running your business?

Take Advantage of Industry Expertise

Especially if you are searching for a specialty or high-level position, you may not be familiar with recent market trends. How many candidates are currently available? What is a competitive salary? You could try to search for this information on your own, or you could rely on the knowledge of a professional recruiter. A staffing agency can guide your search, manage your expectations and help you design compensation packages that attract top talent.

Access a Larger Talent Pool

Most organizations hire through job boards, social media, networking and referrals. Sometimes these sources do the trick, but often you need to expand your efforts. Staffing companies have extensive advertising reach as well as databases full of both active and passive candidates. A recruiter may know of someone who is happily employed but thinking about making a change. And, that person could be your next perfect hire!

Start With Higher-Quality Candidates

When you post a help wanted ad, you’ll receive lots of resumes from underqualified applicants. Filtering through these poor-fit candidates takes time and energy. Plus, you’re more likely to make the wrong hiring choice if you are comparing an adequate applicant to an unqualified one. By working with a staffing service, you begin the process with only the top applicants. This allows you to make better decisions in a fraction of the time.

Fill Open Positions More Quickly

Having vacant spots decreases productivity and hurts your company’s bottom line. However, hiring experts + a larger talent pool + high-quality candidates = faster and better hiring. And when you combine this with the resources you don’t have to spend on in-house recruiting efforts, your business comes out ahead.

Are You Thinking About Giving Direct Hire a Try?

Aventure Staffing offers direct hire solutions throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota. If your organization is looking for hiring and recruiting support, give us a call. We’d be happy to chat about available options!

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