Learn to Generate Energy to Have a Positive Impact on Your Team

Like it or not, employees look to their leaders for guidance. So, if you want to create an enthusiastic and engaged team, you’ll need to bring high energy to the table.

As a manager, supervisor or boss, what can you do to build an energetic culture?

Show Your Employees How They Are Making a Difference

Ultimately, people want their work to be meaningful. As former SVP of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock writes, “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” Finding purpose may seem easier for some occupations than others; however, every job can be important. Read your employees positive comments you’ve received, share success stories and, if possible, bring in clients and customers. Meeting the people who you are helping is a powerful motivator.

Be a Good Role Model

Long-time technology executive, Maynard Webb tells how when he was COO at eBay, “some days were hard and people could tell when I was troubled by something… They would get worried and ask what was wrong.” He encourages leaders to model enthusiasm, courage and resolve even when it’s hard. Your employees are likely to follow your lead whether it’s positive or negative.

Tackle the Afternoon Doldrums

Most of us know the feeling. It’s 2:00 p.m., we have loads to accomplish, and all we feel like doing is taking a nap. Although studies show this energy drain is linked to the way our brains operate, we can fight off the midday blues with healthier habits. Promote better snacks and lunch options, so your employees can avoid sugar crashes. Consider offering brief stress-reduction activities, such as walks, yoga or mediation, in the early afternoon. A little bit of exercise and/or fresh air can boost energy levels for the remainder of the day.

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Employees who work 24/7 are bound to burnout sooner rather than later. Let your team know you value their contributions, but they need downtime too. Encourage workers to use their vacations, weekends and evenings to relax and recharge. And, if applicable, consider implementing a no emails after work policy.

Say Thank You

Studies show that employees who feel appreciated can be up to 50 % more productive. (NBC News Better, 2017) What a smart and relativity easy way to add energy to your team! Take the time to let your people know you are grateful for the work they do. A “thank you” or shout out is nice but be creative too. Handwritten notes, small gifts and surprise days off can be more even meaningful.

Are You Hoping to Add Energetic Employees to Your Team?

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