How to Help Your Employees Achieve Their Career Goals

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What’s important to employees in a job? Along with pay, health insurance and work-life balance, the opportunity for advancement and professional growth routinely makes the list.

How can your organization better support your workers’ career development? Start with these seven strategies.

Take a Personal Interest

In his book The Dream Manager, Matthew Kelly advocates figuring out what people want from life and factoring this into their professional development. Although some managers may argue this distracts from company goals, Kelly points out, “The future of your organization and the potential of your employees are intertwined — their destinies are linked.”

Schedule One-on-One Meetings

The best way to get to know your employees is by talking to them individually. This may seem time-consuming, but even a ten-minute conversation every few months can be well worth the effort. Ask questions such as, “How are you feeling about the job?” “What are you working on right now?” and “Are there any other things you are interested in pursuing?”

Create a Culture of Learning

Online prescription glasses retailer Warby Parker embraces the idea of ongoing learning as one of its core values, “Learn, grow, repeat.” According to co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal, the company promotes learning through both concrete methods, such as skills training, and holistic methods, such as actively encouraging employees to be culturally engaged.

Offer Stretch Assignments

Many employees are eager to master new skills or improve their abilities. Stretch assignments are a wonderful way for them to test the waters and expand their talents. When your workers mention something of interest to them, take note, and be on the lookout for possible opportunities.

Rotate Roles

Temporary switching your employees into different jobs or departments can give them a whole new perspective. This may be a one-day experiment or a longer-term program. Job rotation offers numerous advantages for businesses of all types and sizes. Workers gain skills, learn to appreciate their colleagues’ contributions and develop a more well-rounded understanding of the organization.

Encourage Internal Mobility

If ambitious workers can’t move up within a company, they will look elsewhere. Keep your best employees on staff and reduce turnover by publicly advertising open positions and, when appropriate, by creating succession plans. This doesn’t mean you always have to hire from within, but at least make this a possibility.

Design Career Development Programs

Recently, wellness programs have grown in popularity. So, why not add a career development program to your list of employee benefits? Mentorship programs, both formal and informal, are common, as are paid trips to industry conferences and networking events. However, some companies are taking this a step further by offering either free or discounted sessions with certified career coaches.

Are You Hoping to Add Talented and Motivated Employees to Your Team?

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