5 Ways to Make Sure New Employees Get Along with Their Team

When you add people to your team, you are taking a chance. Will they fit in, remain isolated or cause trouble? Here are five ways you can help new employees join the group and succeed.

Extend a Warm Welcome

Most of us have heard a story about someone who showed up their first day only to find their employer seemingly completely surprised by their appearance. There was no desk, no computer and no onboarding process. Obviously, this is a terrible beginning. To be more accommodating, many companies are designing more well-thought-out and celebratory welcoming traditions. These include not only a workspace that is ready to go, but also decorations, personalized company swag and pre-onboarding packets.

Give Proper Introductions

A day or two before your employee begins, send out a brief email and bio letting everyone know about the new person’s arrival. Having someone comment, “I didn’t even know we were hiring,” doesn’t make anyone feel good. On the day your employee arrives, have someone walk around with them and formally introduce them to their immediate supervisors and co-workers. This small gesture allows everyone, both new employees and veterans, to feel more at ease.

Assign a Buddy or Mentor

Few things are more intimidating than being new to an organization, having a question and not knowing where to turn. On an employee’s first day, match them with someone who will be their go-to person. This may be a supervisor, company veteran or one of their colleagues who has volunteered to assist with onboarding. Learning a new job, culture, rules and responsibilities can be overwhelming. Recent hires will appreciate the extra layer of short- and long-term support a buddy or mentor provides.

Establish Purpose

Although a new employee will need time to get up to speed, try to bring them into projects and assignments as quickly as possible. Ask a supervisor or co-worker to outline major objectives the company currently is working on. Invite recent hires to sit in on meetings, ask for their input and immediately have them contribute to a shared goal. You want them to feel as though they have a key role to play starting on day one.

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

In a survey of 3,000 new employees, tech giant Microsoft found recent hires who meet one-on-one with their managers during their first week were three times more likely to collaborate with their team and developed a 12 percent larger internal network within the first 90 days. This seemingly simple connection allowed individuals to feel as though they belonged. (Harvard Business Review, 2018) And, a sense of belonging is one of main ingredients for successful teams.

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