Learn About the Necessary Skills Needed to Work in a Warehouse

With ecommerce booming, distribution center employees are in high demand. Do you think you have what it takes to become a warehouse worker? Hiring managers are looking for the following top skills.

Physical Stamina

An eight-hour shift at a warehouse can be a great workout. At Amazon, pickers have reported walking as many as 30 miles per day. Before applying, make sure you are healthy. And, be ready to lift heavy loads (usually up to 50 pounds), perform repetitive movements, bend, stretch, carry, pull, sit, stand and walk.

Technical Expertise

Before you apply, make a list of all your technical qualifications. Are you good at fixing machines? Do you have a license to operate a forklift? Are you familiar with database software? Any of these skills will make you a more marketable candidate.


Even if you lack special training, you can learn most warehouse positions on the job. However, you must be flexible and willing to try new things. These may include using the most recent technology, mastering warehouse terms (inventory, palletizing, climate-controlled storage), operating machinery and working in different departments. A can-do attitude is an excellent quality to have.


There will be lots going on in the warehouse. You will need to keep track of your schedule and your tasks in addition to inventory and products. Being an organized person gives you a definite advantage.

Time Management

Warehouse work is fast paced. You must be quick, efficient and accurate. At times, you may have to prioritize or solve problems to get the job done.

Team Work

Most companies list “strong team player” as a job requirement, but for a warehouse employee this skill is essential. A distribution center is like a machine. If the parts don’t work, the machine won’t either. You should not only get along with your colleagues, but also be willing take orders from managers, assist your co-workers and ask for help when you are in a jam.


As with team work, communication is extremely important in a warehouse setting. Even simple misunderstandings can waste time and cost money. You must be able to listen to others and follow directions, as well as clearly explain yourself through speech and writing.

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