Tips for Creating a Positive Interview Experience for Candidates

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In interviews, the pressure is on the candidate to make a good impression. But we often forget, companies need to make a good impression too.

After all, a bad interview experience may cause a candidate to …

  • turn down a job offer;
  • ghost;
  • discourage others from applying;
  • write a negative online review; and
  • stop using an organization’s products and/or services.

Obviously, this is not a recipe for success. Whether a company decides to hire a candidate or to pass, the experience matters. According to Patty McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix, applicants should leave an interview thinking, “Wow, that was an incredible experience. It was efficient, it was effective, it was on time, the questions were relevant, people were smart, and I was treated with dignity.”

Here are five tips for improving your process.

Have a Plan
When a candidate arrives to an interview late and unprepared, employers see warning signs. Similarly, when an organization is rushing to pull an interview together at the last minute, candidates see warning signs. If a business isn’t investing in hiring, where else are they dropping the ball? Be sure your company is prepared for every interview. Have your team assembled, your questions completed and your agenda ready to go.

Help Candidates Prepare
Interviews can be intimidating, so smart companies provide extra support to candidates before the big day. When you book an interview, send along parking tips, a schedule for the day and a list of people on the interview committee. Your organization will gain a reputation as a good host, and your candidates will be less anxious and more likely to display their true potential.

Extend a Warm Welcome
Interviewers need to not only evaluate candidates, but also sell the company and the position. Every candidate should walk away wanting the job. Be polite, gracious, enthusiastic and grateful. Your goal is to win over your top choice while impressing everybody else.

Deliver a Meaningful Experience
Organizations are trying to find a good fit employee for a position and candidates are trying to find a good fit position for themselves. To assist everyone in making the best possible decision, strive to design an authentic interview process. Ask relevant questions, highlight company culture and introduce your candidate to other employees. In addition, consider using experiential interviews and work-sample tests so your candidates can test drive the job and you can see your potential employee in action.

Few things are more frustrating for a job seeker than interviewing and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting … only to hear nothing. Be fair with your candidates. Keep in touch with them and let them know where they stand. Of course, no one likes delivering bad news, but leaving your applicants in the dark is aggravating for them and unprofessional for you.

Is Your Organization Trying to Improve the Interview Experience?

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