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Learn How to Connect with Your Interviewer

Sometimes interview results are surprising. You were the most qualified candidate. You had all the right answers, and yet you didn’t land the job. What went wrong?

The result may have come down to personalities. The interviewer simply liked another applicant better. Although this is frustrating, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Follow these five tricks to connect with your interviewer, improve your likeability and increase your odds of receiving a job offer.

  1. Research the Company Ahead of Time
    Many people overlook this key step. Before interview day, learn as much as possible about the organization, the leadership team and your possible co-workers. Corporate websites and social media make this easier than ever before. Remember, companies want you to join their team you because you love Who would you rather hire? Someone who knows virtually nothing about your organization, or someone who is knowledgeable, interested and enthusiastic?


  1. Make a Great First Impression
    People form first impressions within seconds, and like it or not, those impressions last. A minor slip-up, even before the interview begins, could end your chances. Dress appropriately. Arrive early. Be polite. Shake hands and introduce yourself. “Hello. My name is John Smith. I’m so happy to meet you.” Speak clearly. Make eye contact. Stand up straight. Don’t chew gum or bring coffee or food. And, finally, silence your cell phone and put it away. You need to be 100 percent focused on your interview. Your text messages can wait.


  1. Search for Common Ground
    Finding a shared interest not only helps you build rapport with the interviewer and/or the interviewing team, but also makes you a more memorable candidate. You may discover something while researching the company. Is your interviewer a sports fan? Did you attend the same college? Do you share a connection on LinkedIn? Start a conversation with, “I saw on the company website you … I also …” Of course, be honest and genuine. Pretending you are something you are not is bound to backfire.


  1. Ask Questions During the Interview
    Traditionally, interviews are one sided. Most companies use the standard question-answer format. However, a back-and-forth dialogue is more interesting and engaging for everyone involved. This doesn’t mean you should take over the interview. Rather, pay close attention and make inquires when they seem appropriate. For example, if you just answered, “What does teamwork mean to you?” You could respond with, “I’m curious. How is teamwork incorporated into your company culture?”


  1. Say Thank You 
    At the end of the interview, shake hands and thank everyone for their time. Within a day or two, follow up with thank you notes. A well-written letter is wonderful way to express your appreciation, to remind the interviewer who you are and to continue to build your connection.

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