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Why You Should Hire Entry Level Candidates

Some companies shy away from entry-level candidates because these individuals lack a proven track record. However, for organizations willing to take the risk, less experienced workers can be a great investment.

Here are five reasons why novice employees can add to your business’ bottom line.

  1. They Are Innovative
    Although the media often paints millennials in a negative light, most of these workers are motivated and excited to join the workforce. Just like the generations before them, they want to work hard and to make an impact. Entry-level employees are more likely to make suggestions and take risks. Their eagerness may rub some of your veteran workers the wrong way, but ultimately, their enthusiasm can fight off complacency and improve overall performance.


  1. They Are Innovative
    Many entry-level candidates also are recent graduates. As a result, they have received training in modern best practices and state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, they may be willing to challenge the status quo by asking, “Why are we doing things this way?” This, in turn, forces your seasoned employees to rethink traditional strategies, consider fresh ideas and implement more effective solutions.


  1. They Are Flexible
    Even under the best of circumstances, workers who arrive from other organizations may have difficulty adjusting to a new culture. They may argue, “At my old job, we always…” This may lead to tension and even turnover within your company. On the other hand, entry-level employees will learn your systems first. Even though the initial training costs may be higher for novices than for mid-career workers, you can mold them according to your expectations from the start.


  1. They Are Digital Natives
    Today’s entry-level employees grew up in the digital age. They are comfortable with smartphones, the cloud, social media, AI and VR. Whereas older workers may struggle to master modern technology, younger workers adapt more quickly to changes and upgrades. In addition, newer employees may prove instrumental in helping your businesses identify and take advantage of the latest tech trends.


  1. They Have Lower Salary Requirements
    Of course, you want to pay all your employees fairly. But, with fewer skills and less experience, entry-level workers usually require lower base salaries than their veteran teammates. This can work to your advantage in two ways. First, newer workers are less expensive. Second, they are more willing to tackle repetitive or technical tasks as part of their training. These are the same duties more experienced employees may be too well paid or even unwilling to do. And, as talented entry level employees work their way through the ranks and make significant contributions, you can reward them with raises, bonuses and additional benefits.

Not Sure an Entry-Level Worker Is Right for You?

At Aventure Staffing, we offer temporary, contract and trial hire programs. We can match your company with a talented entry-level candidate, and you can evaluate their performance on the job before making a final hiring decision. Learn more about the Flexible Staffing Services we offer!

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