Ways a Staffing Agency Will Help You Meet High Volume Staffing Needs

Hiring is difficult, and high-volume hiring is an even greater challenge. Companies may require above average recruiting for a variety of reasons including seasonal fluctuations, expansion or rapid growth.

If your company is facing a hiring surge and you don’t know where to begin, take a deep breath and consider calling a staffing agency. These recruiting professionals will be able to strategize with you to meet your business’s goals…

With Speed

When companies are faced with unexpected growth or volume, they often require a significant number of qualified workers as soon as possible. Your organization may not have the in-house resources or the time to develop an adequate talent pool. However, staffing agencies are constantly recruiting and cultivating a database of qualified candidates. Their job is to have workers are on-deck and ready to go. When you need quality employees quickly, a staffing service can minimize the expenses of large scale recruiting, as well as the disruptions caused by not having enough workers.

With Flexibility

It’s hard to predict the future. Seasonal needs may vary, and growth may slow or expand. You may want 50 workers next month, but only five next year. Is it worth creating (and then dismantling) a recruiting team to cover a hiring rush, or, worse yet, dumping on an overextended HR department? An employment agency can more effectively manage ebbs and flows, allowing your company to focus on running your business, rather than fluctuating staff levels. In addition, since temporary workers are employees of the staffing service, your organization doesn’t have to worry about lay-offs or unemployment insurance when demands change. Those workers will be prepared to move on to their next assignment or to return when you can use them again.

With Expertise

Staffing services are a great option for companies who move into new markets or geographical locations, who lack experience with volume recruiting or who require specialized workers. Despite any organization’s best intentions, unfamiliarity with a hiring landscape often leads to inefficiency and lackluster results. On the other hand, employment agencies understand how to attract top talent with the appropriate job boards, niche advertising, social media, networks and referral programs. And, their recruiters use advanced technology, ranging from artificial intelligence to Applicant Tracking Systems, to separate the best candidates from the hundreds of unqualified applicants. Does the idea of posting your job opening and sifting through thousands resumes only to find a handful of potential hires give you a headache? It should. There is a better way.

If your organization must fill a large (or small) number of temporary, part-time or full-time positions, consider giving Aventure Staffing a call. We are the Midwest leader in job placement services! Our recruiters take the time to understand your company and its needs, finding the best solutions for your business. Learn more about how we locate top talent today!

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