Important Traits Successful Clerical Candidates Should Have

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Talented clerical workers can be the backbone of an organization. When life gets hectic, they keep things running smoothly. But, how can your company find that ideal employee?

Top clerical workers must display a variety of skills to be efficient in their positions. Here are ten important characteristics to take into consideration during the hiring process.

Strong Communicator

Clerical employees are often the first point of contact for customers. Therefore, excellent written and verbal communication skills are an absolute necessity. In addition, the best workers are great listeners and proficient at picking up on non-verbal cues.


When providing office support, details are important. Top clerical employees strive for consistency and accuracy. They should be able to identify and correct mistakes.


In many organizations, other employees depend on the clerical department to get things done. So, it is crucial clerical workers remain focused and meet deadlines. They must be accountable and punctual.


Clerical workers keep companies in line. There will be times when they not only must attend to their own workload, but also make sure others stay on target. Talented employees can stay calm, cool and collected and serve as the voice of reason.

Good Time Manager

There will always be lots of jobs in a clerical setting. Top workers must find time to get everything done. They must be able to prioritize and complete the most important and time-sensitive tasks first.


In a busy office, there is no time for hand-holding. The best clerical employees can work independently, take initiative and decide what to do next. They should be able to take the lead on neglected projects or identify new tasks that need to be completed.

Problem Solver

Clerical workers must “put out fires” and offer solutions daily. The most talented employees also demonstrate the ability to consider things from different points of view. They devise better ways to complete tasks, increase efficiency and ultimately, save a company time and money.

Team Player

It is essential for clerical employees to work well with others. Sometimes they must take orders while other times they must direct and coordinate tasks. The best workers are cooperative, flexible and open to new ideas.


Clerical workers have contact with personnel throughout the organization, as well as customers and the outside community. They should be pleasant, respectful and accommodating. A cheerful and upbeat attitude improves the company’s reputation and helps everyone have a better day.


It is not unusual for clerical workers to have access to confidential information. As a result, these employees must display integrity, discretion and tact. Office gossips need not apply.

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