Tips for Showing Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Employees are arguably an organization’s most valuable resource. Most managers and bosses recognize this fact, but they do not know how to express their gratitude. Would your management team like to change this trend?

Here are some ideas to show your workers you genuinely appreciate them.

Pay Well

Very few companies can afford to give all their workers extremely lucrative paychecks, but it is important to pay people what they are worth according to current market values. Of course, money is not usually the best motivator. Employees who really like their jobs may be willing to work for less. There is a point, however, where poor pay will cause individuals to feel undervalued and stressed. As bestselling author Daniel Pink advocates “pay people fairly, pay people well; indeed, pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table.”

Recognize Accomplishments

A little bit of praise can go a long way. When employees are going the extra mile, recognition provides validation. Managers may choose to write a note, give out gift cards or throw an office party. Although rewards are nice, it really is the thought that counts. Sometimes a simple “Thank you for your hard work and effort” can be equally effective.

Get to Know Your Team

No one wants to be just another cog in a corporate machine. Bosses who respect their employees recognize they are individuals who have a life outside the workplace. This does not mean a manager needs to know everyone’s complete biography. In fact, small things can make a big difference. This could be as basic as knowing about workers’ favorite sports teams, hobbies, career aspirations or/and families. In addition, whenever possible, it is important to stay aware of difficult situations in peoples’ personal lives. Companies that sincerely value their employees offer extra support for those in distress. Empathy combined with action can go a long way in creating a culture of gratitude for everyone within an organization.

Provide Inspiration

Jobs offer individuals the means to support themselves and their families, as well as a sense of belonging. But what if a job could be even more? What if bosses could prove to their employees that they are making a difference in the world? This may seem easier for some industries such as healthcare or education. However, in her research Amy Wrzesniewski of Yale University discovered it is not the job but rather one’s attitude toward it. (Psychology Today, 2012) Managers can foster this sense of meaning by giving their employees impactful projects, the freedom to do the right thing and the opportunity to meet the people they are helping. What better way to let workers know they are appreciated than to show them the world appreciates them too? This truly is a gift.

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