4 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand While Looking for a Job

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In today’s economy, hiring no longer entails merely a resume, references and an interview. According to a 2017 study, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen job candidates. (Business News Daily, 2017). For job seekers, this is an opportunity. Like corporations, they can use easily accessible online platforms to shape an appealing identity and attract attention.

Personal branding can help you …

  • Create an extended and/or interactive online resume
  • Attract recruiters
  • Land an interview
  • Receive a job offer or a promotion
  • Make connections
  • Discover new opportunities

So, how can you develop your brand and use it to land your dream job?

Choose Your Platform(s)

If you are a ghost online, potential employers are likely to question your technology skills or your reasons for hiding your social media activity. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do need to be somewhere. Pick platforms that make sense for you. If you are a photographer or graphic designer, experiment with Pinterest. If you are a copywriter, consider starting your own WordPress blog.

Be Yourself

If your brand is significantly different than who you really are, people are bound to be disappointed when they meet you in person. Create a short elevator pitch to connect with the audience. Who do you serve? What do you value? What do you seek to achieve? Be unique, sincere, honest and consistent across channels.

Update Regularly

It is important to guide and cultivate your brand if not daily, then weekly. If you feel you are overextended, cut back. It is better to have a few well-developed and up-to-date profiles than numerous channels that have been left languishing. Set a posting schedule that works for you. Spotlight your expertise, show your value, share applicable and helpful content, answer questions and keep evolving. Seek to be a thought leader and influencer.

Grow Your Network

Although it may be tempting to attempt to attract thousands of followers, remind yourself that branding is not about numbers alone. Be purposeful as you cultivate your network. Start with the three Cs, Company, College, Colleagues, and reach out to expand your network. Ultimately, more relevant connections will lead to more relevant opportunities.

Make Your Job Search Public

Finally, be open about your job hunt. This is not a good time to be shy or secretive. Those in your network will not be able to assist you if they do not know you are looking for work. Recruiters and potential employers, who are impressed with your online presence, may be more likely to contact you if they know you are available. Extended networks are a fantastic way to learn about openings you otherwise may have missed.

Do you realize the importance of an online identity, but are not sure where to start? At Aventure Staffing, our employment experts will provide you with great advice and industry insights. We are the Midwest leader in job placement. Apply now for a custom-tailored list of job prospects!

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