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Developing a Successful Working Relationship With Your Boss

There are good bosses and bad bosses. Hopefully, you work for the former. However, for better or worse, it is important to address your working relationship with your supervisor. You will interact with this individual day in and day out. Regular tense encounters are bound to increase your stress level and to decrease your job performance and satisfaction.

Furthermore, the boss has power over your position. They will play at least some role in promotions, raises and unfortunately, termination. Who wouldn’t want to invest time in that connection? Even if you have decided to move on, you may need to ask your past manager for a recommendation. Once again, the boss holds the cards.

So, what can you do to improve and maintain a better relationship with your supervisor?

Be a Productive Employee

If you are actively contributing to an organization, you make your boss’s life easier. Show dedication and enthusiasm on the job, arrive early, meet requirements, offer to help with additional projects and provide suggestions as appropriate.

Consider Another Perspective

It can be easy to resent your supervisor. They may seem to make lots of money, enjoy countless perks, and then run the company as a tyrant. But, be sure to reflect upon what you don’t know. Bosses often are under significant pressure to meet the bottom line, increase productivity and reduce costs. Try to imagine walking a mile in your supervisor’s shoes before passing judgment.

Communicate Effectively

Keep your boss in the loop with routine updates, and request feedback and advice on your performance as well. It is important to find a balance with communication. Too much can be annoying, while too little can interfere with consistent progress. Ask your manager what time frame and method would be best for keeping up to date.

Stay Sincere

“Sucking up” to your boss is not a good strategy! Your supervisor will see through your false intentions, and it will not earn you the respect of your co-workers. Do your job with confidence, act in the best interest of the organization and accept praise graciously.

Find a Connection

You may think you have NOTHING in common with your boss, yet usually there is something. It may be sports, a television show, a hobby or even a common acquaintance. Try to have non-work conversations with your supervisor every now and then. It is great reminder that we are all human.

Finally, keep in mind your relationship with your boss is a professional one. You may not be best friends or even like each other. However, you must work together. Mutual respect is an absolute requirement for both of you.

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