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Why You Need to Focus More on Employee Onboarding

For most employees, the onboarding process is hardly enjoyable. This is bad news for employers, especially when you consider the fact they have a prime opportunity to make a great first impression during the onboarding process. As a business owner or supervisor, it’s in your best interest to make onboarding exciting and interesting. If you have been looking for ways to revamp your process, the following reasons may convince you to take the first step.

Retain Talented and Loyal Employees

Statistically speaking, there are numerous reasons to make your company’s onboarding process easier and more exciting. To do this, you may need to work closely with your human resource employees and longtime workers. Over time, studies have confirmed the following facts:

  • Employees who have a pleasant onboarding are more likely to remain with their employer.
  • Employers with a standard onboarding process tend to report higher levels of productivity among new hires.
  • Employees who undergo a structured onboarding process are nearly 60 percent more likely to remain with their employers.

Simply put, having an efficient onboarding process benefits the entire company.

Simplify the Orientation Process

Most employers use the onboarding process to introduce new workers to company expectations, values and policies. If the process is boring or uneventful, the workers will be less likely to remember the values and expectations in the long run. Employers can use their onboarding process to get workers excited about their new job, and when they are excited, they will be far more likely to enter the role prepared to work. Onboarding is also a great way to introduce employees to your company’s culture and work ethic.

During onboarding, it may be wise to introduce new employees to veteran workers. Some companies even assign mentors to new workers to help them get oriented in a timely manner.

Speak With a Staffing Professional

If you need help finding employees who can support your company’s vision, consider hiring a staffing agency. Here at Aventure Staffing, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients. This allows us to match them with the workers they need to fill vacant positions. Contact our company today to speak with a staffing professional.

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