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Have a Job Interview Coming Up? Do Your Research!

“What do you know about our company?” This often-dreaded question is fairly standard in modern job interviews. Having a good answer to this question can make you a front-runner. This is a good reason to research a company prior to your interview. But there are other ways you can use this research to your advantage as well. Here are a few tips on making the most of company research.

Where to Find Helpful Information

On most company websites, there will be an “About Us” or a “Company Information” section. Because of modern design trends, the links may not be available on the top menu bar along with the information for clients. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, scroll to the very bottom of the homepage; many companies will list investor information, career pages and other company info in a footer.

For some smaller businesses, you may not find much on the company website. If that’s the case, see if there is a social media presence you can tap into. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram all have profile information you can use to get to know the company. Browsing old posts can help you get a sense of the company’s brand and culture, as well.

Show That You Fit In

During the interview, don’t wait to be asked about the company to start using the information you find. Once you know what type of employee the company likes, you can tailor any interview answer to suit the company culture. For example, if your research shows the company values innovation and creativity, you can be sure to highlight your most forward-thinking accomplishments.

Other Ways to Research With the Interview In Mind

  • While researching, be sure to check out the company’s blog or news section. It is sure to impress the hiring manager if you can mention some of the newest projects or plans.
  • Always know the names of the CEO, president and managers. You won’t be left with a blank stare if the interviewer starts name dropping.
  • Find reviews online from former employees of the company. This may give you an idea of what questions to expect, or may warn you to look out for red flags!
  • Look at the personal social media accounts for the person you will be interviewing with. See if you can find a shared interest which could help you connect with them more easily.

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