Make Your Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

We all know the importance of team building. A strong sense of belonging and being part of a team makes employees work harder and keeps them happier. The challenge some managers face is helping their temp employees feel like part of the team. Oftentimes, managers overlook the importance of inspiring engagement in temporary workers. But whether they are there for a week, a month or a year, you want the best work from each employee, right? Well, that means making each employee feel like a valued team member.

Include Temp Employees in Meetings

The challenge many temps face is they are expected to come in, do their job and not ask questions. This is challenging, since a key factor in employee engagement is understanding their role in the big picture. For employees to feel like their work has value, they must understand how it relates to the overall department and company goals. To make sure your temps feel engaged, you must include them in team meetings, even if the subject of the meeting deals with future goals. Don’t take the attitude, “Well, they won’t be here when this project finishes, so why involve them in the planning?” If you do, not only will the temp worker lack understanding, but you may miss out on some great ideas!

Assign a Mentor to Temp Workers

Temps are often expected to keep their heads down and may hesitate to ask too many questions. You can encourage them to reach out by introducing a mentor or “go-to” person the temp worker can approach with questions or concerns. This will help them settle into the job quickly, as well as feel like they have the support they need to be successful.

Provide Feedback

Let your temp employees know how they are doing! Like any employee, they will appreciate the feedback. This will also help them grow and improve. Because temp workers know they have a limited time at a job, they are usually very eager to implement any suggestions you give them, and you will likely see improvements right away.

Overall, if you treat all your employees – temporary and permanent – with the same personal care, you will have a strong, motivated team. When you need to hire temporary workers, working with Aventure Staffing can make it easy to find the right candidate for your team. Contact us today to request an employee.

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